Do you also deliver abroad?2020-11-14T03:41:28+01:00

Yes, we also deliver your order to European and non-European countries, this is our daily business.

Do you also offer purchase on commission?2020-11-13T04:52:41+01:00

No, we do not offer purchase on commission.

Do I have to pay VAT when I order in your wholesale?2020-11-13T22:54:53+01:00

For customers in Germany and private customers abroad we charge the current value added tax (VAT) due in Germany. If you run a business outside Germany with an international VAT number, we are authorised to charge the goods without German VAT. For this purpose, the invoice amount must be transferred from the account of the foreign company.

How do I pay for my order?2020-11-13T21:52:56+01:00

Prepayment is the common payment method for transactions in our business.

Can I also pick up my order at your warehouse?2020-11-14T03:41:18+01:00

No, picking up your order at our warehouse is not possible unfortunately.

I’m a wholesale trader, too. Can I also offer my goods to you?2020-11-14T03:46:40+01:00

If you are a trademark owner or a wholesale business for brand name perfumes, we are always interested in a cooperation. Please contact us:

Mr Ruediger Palz / E-Mail: r.palz@odores.de / Phone:  0049 178 7613961

How do I always get the best offer?2020-11-13T22:14:37+01:00

Please pay special attention to our daily offers, these are usually the items with the greatest price potential for you. Articels from our price list are a good choice for completing your assortment.

I run my own perfumery and purchase my assortment directly from the manufacturer, why should I order from you?2020-11-13T22:53:11+01:00

As our goods are also from the manufacturer, you do not take any risk with regard to quality. Your advantage results from the freedom of action. We don’t ask for binding distribution contracts or oblige you to buy certain articles or certain quantities of them and you do not have to meet any binding sales targets. Therefore, you have the possibility to supplement your assortment with ours if you don’t want to be bound to a whole depot and only want to offer specific top fragrances of a certain brand.

Do I have to be a professional trader to order from you?2020-11-13T22:52:21+01:00

No, you do not have to be. Please note that we have a minimum order value of 500,- Euro for each order (first time introductory orders excluded). We do not have a minimum order quantity per item. Of course, you will receive an invoice from us with value added tax (VAT) identified.

Do you also offer drop shipping or Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA)?2020-11-13T22:51:00+01:00

We are currently working on a way to offer you drop shipping. Drop shipping is a type of online trading where you offer our goods in your shop, while we take care of the storage and shipping for you. For this purpose, you connect your online shop with our constantly updated stock. If a customer orders in your shop, the system automatically forwards the order to us and we ship the order on your behalf and for your account. You yourself remain in control and are the seller, we support you as a fufillment provider.

If you sell goods via Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) or intend to do so, we offer to prepare the goods for FBA for a small fee and ship them directly to Amazon.

Who do you supply already?2020-11-13T23:05:12+01:00

Our customers include perfumeries, retail chains, online retailers, shopping channels and other wholesalers throughout Europe and other parts of the world.

Are you bound by the manufacturers’ price specifications?2020-11-13T23:07:42+01:00

As an independent wholesaler we are not subject to any price fixing by the industry.
Large purchase quantities enable attractive conditions: If you are interested in quantities of  more than 120 pieces per article, we will be happy to prepare an individual offer for you.

How are the goods stored?2020-11-13T23:11:20+01:00

Our goods are stored in a specialised air-conditioned perfume warehouse under ideal conditions. This protects them from excessive humidity, harmful UV light, high temperatures or even changes in temperature.

Do you ship from Germany?2020-11-13T23:13:11+01:00

Yes, we always ship your order from our dispatch warehouse in Senden, near Muenster (North Rhine-Westphalia). We want your order to be delivered as environmentally friendly as possible and within a short period of time. Therefore, we do not store your order abroad.

How will my order be shipped?2020-11-13T23:16:02+01:00

Our goods are dispatched immediately after receipt of payment. We work together with various reliable forwarding agents from Germany, smaller shipments are delivered by DHL in Germany and in Austria. The costs for shipping are passed on directly to our customers without additional costs from our side.

How long is the delivery time?2020-11-14T01:36:47+01:00

Details of the respective delivery time are always noted in the specific offers.

I need a fragrance that is not mentioned on the price list, can I order it anyway?2020-11-13T23:19:12+01:00

If a fragrance is not mentioned on the current price list, but you need a sufficient number of fragrances (more than 24 pieces per article), we will be happy to research our network of European partners and make you an offer. Please feel free to contact us!

Which brands do you have in your range?2020-11-13T23:33:28+01:00

We trade with any brand that is relevant for our market and well-known. This includes brands from the product segments perfume, skin care cosmetics and decorative cosmetics. We focus on brands that we can obtain on the market regularly. However, we also offer brands that are distributed very selectively and are difficult to obtain on the market.

How are your prices calculated?2020-11-13T23:34:28+01:00

As an independent wholesaler we are not subject to any price fixing by the industry. Our price is determined, as usual, by supply and demand. Our purchase quantities as wholesalers allow attractive conditions for you.

Do you also trade with imitations, which are obviously imitations of well-known brand fragrances?2020-11-13T23:37:41+01:00

No, we clearly renounce any type of imitations and only trade with branded fragrances of well-known manufacturers.

Do you trade in perfume samples?2020-11-13T23:54:55+01:00

No, we do not trade in perfume samples.

Do you also trade with testers?2020-11-13T23:56:17+01:00

No, trade in testers has been banned in the EU. Testers are and will remain property of the manufacturers and are not intended for purchase by final consumers.

Why do you not write that your goods are genuine?2020-11-14T00:02:39+01:00

For legal reasons, product advertising with the words “genuine” or “original”  is not allowed in Germany. The German law considers this to be an unfair business practice and regards the promotion of branded products with the designation “original/genuine” as advertising with self-evident qualities. Therefore, we also comply with fair competition and refrain from such references and statements.

Where do the offered products come from?2020-11-14T01:19:02+01:00

Our perfumes and cosmetics come directly from the manufacturer or from other established wholesalers from Germany and other EU countries with whom we have been working since 2004. They are ordinary commercial goods, as they are also offered in every retail perfumery. All offered goods are intended for sale in the European Union (EU-clean). All articles offered by us are sent to you in the form in which they were first put into circulation by the trademark owner. Should you wish to sell the goods outside the EU, you must determine for yourself whether the sale is permitted or whether trademark rights are infringed.

There is a problem with my order, what can I do?2020-11-14T00:10:14+01:00

If something didn’t work as expected, please contact us directly, either by e-mail: r.palz@odores.de or by phone: 0049 2597 6966300. We will find a quick, uncomplicated and accommodating solution!

What is the minimum order quantity or minimum order value?2020-11-14T00:09:03+01:00

Orders are possible from a value of 500,- euros per order – without a minimum purchase per item. For new commercial customers, a one-off introductory offer is possible without a minimum order value.

How do I order from you?2020-11-14T00:09:52+01:00

You can order from us by e-mail r.palz@odores.de . If you have any questions, you can also contact us by telephone: 0049 178 7613961

How long are the respective offers valid?2020-11-14T03:51:52+01:00

All offers are non-binding while stocks last.

How does the introductory order work?2020-11-14T00:12:42+01:00

As a new customer you have the opportunity to try out our service and convince yourself of our products. For this purpose, there is no minimum order value or a minimum purchase quantity per item with your first order.

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